Olimpiaparts not responsible about some damage or loss, directed and/or indirect, becoming from the sale of goods and services proposals in the catalogue published in the site, also for delayed and/or lacked delivery the product, neither for the correspondence of the goods to the detailed lists published in the situated one, neither for whichever other directed not directly imputable to the Olimpiaparts

Technical information
the inserted technical information in the site, are obtained from the information published from the houses manufacturers of the assets inserted in our catalogue.Olimpiaparts, therefore, reserves the faculty of modify/adapt the technical information and determine the proportions them of the products of the catalogue, based on communicated how much will be from the producers, also without warning.
Availability products
In the catalogue produced published on the situated Olimpiapartssince the access and the possibility to forward order on linens, modify in real time the availability of the product, Olimpiaparts do not guarantee the certainty of allocation of the tidy goods

Risk and property
goods are sent in free port, assured with I debit in invoice; in case the goods was sent in carriage forward, behind indication of the customer, the risk and to think itself to cargo of the customer from the delivery of the goods to the carrier from the own warehouses. At the moment of the delivery of the goods, the customer must verify integrity of the necks and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence with indicated how much in accompanying document (DDT). In case of difference, the same one must be marked on the same accompanying and confirmed document, within seven days via mail or registered letter a.r., to Olimpiaparts to trades them of reference. Also in presence of I pack integral, the goods must be verified within seven days from the reception. Eventual hidden anomalies, will have marked for to be enrolled to means fax or registered letter a.r.. Every signalling beyond the aforesaid terms, will be not taken in consideration. For every declaration, the customer assumes the responsability full of how much declaring.

The orders are accepted only and exclusively by Internet (on line). The customer who sendes the order via Internet will receive, to the term of the procedure, our communication of confirmation from the happened order, or through e-mail (email), with the indication of the relative number of order; in the hypothesis that, after the shipment of the order, does not appear (passed some minutes) the number of order, the proposal will be from considering like not accepted, to every effect of law, even if for book keeping reasons, trained to you or for deficiency of product.

All the prices inserted in the situated one, in the relative column are from agreeing enclosed prices Vat. The prices can anytime be modified, without some warning. 

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Olimpiaparts reservoir, to its insindacabile judgment, the right not to proceed to the shipment of the goods, also after to have accepted the order, to those customers who turned out outside I trust, that is with unsolved or, in litigation