Credit card with the collaboration of the telematico service PayPal of the group eBay, allows you to pay Your purchases on-linens with the credit cards of greater spread: Visa/Cartasì, Visa Elektron, Master Card. To pay with credit card is without doubt the more practical, fast and sure method in order to acquire on-linens. This system uses in fact the crittografata transmission of the data, with logons SSL (Secure Socket Layer), that it assures an absolute privacy on the transmission of the relative information to the Credit card, than therefore could not be visualized from other customers in net, but neanche from the staff same of

PayPal is a service sure online that it allows to send or to receive immediately deep towards and from customers, suppliers, banks using one several credit card or other modalities of payment. Moreover the data of your credit card, wineskin that verified come protect from PayPal since it is its system that will be taken care of the transaction, once opened a Paypal account you will not have more to use the data of your credit card in the transactions.
You can open a new Paypal account clicking here.
Operating with the highest standards than emergency your data are deal to you and record to you in the full respect of yours privacy. We want to emphasize that does not come to acquaintance of the relative data you to your credit card, in how much the transaction comes carried out directly through PayPal with which we are operating within the national health service.

Banking discount ( method available on customer’s explicit request in comments below order)
Banking discount a sure method by now a lot used from who acquires online, thanks also to the possibility now offered from many banks to carry out discounts directly online and in many cases without expenses. The coordinates in order to carry out the payment will come supplied to the term of the process of purchase in the email of riepilogo of the order. The order will come fugitive after the reception of the payment.